Stuck for gift ideas? Here are some popular choices


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Stuck for gift ideas? Here are some popular choices

Do you ever find yourself in a tight gift-giving spot, having to muster up inspiration for close ones or even not-so-close ones, running through your budget over and over, and wondering whether you’ve done enough (or too much?)? Does this occur on every loved one's birthday even though you should know: these things fall every year? Fear not! Let’s take a step back, and look at popular gifts you won’t go wrong with. Whether it be for a birthday or any other gift giving occasion, rely on our little summary of popular gifts for inspiration…

The gift of fashion – With a bit of clever picking, you can’t go wrong. For someone you know well, like your spouse or best friend, make note of their size and style and try to find something that corresponds. Do they have a favourite brand, a new blazer they circled in a magazine, or a pair of shoes that they won’t let go of even though it’s seen too many seasons? These are some good pointers! If you don’t know the person too well, accessories are a safe bet: scarves, gloves, beanies and bags are always useful, and if in doubt on the style, just copy what they usually wear.

The gift of beauty – We don’t know too many women who would say no to fancy new makeup. Have a look at magazines if you’re lost: they’re always advertising a new mascara or lipstick that we bet a woman would love. Makeup brushes are a safe bet as well, and many wish for a full set of brushes to accompany their beauty routine. Remember men can have their beauty rituals too: if you should only buy a perfume if you know it’s the right one, a travel kit with a good moisturiser, or a vintage-style beard kit can be welcome gifts.

Toys! – Catalogues and websites will inform you on the latest toy trends, but the little birthday girl or boy will be more than happy to tell you what they wish for most! If buying for a friend or relative’s child, you can, for example, ask if they have a video game console, and if so what games they already have. Finally, remember toys are not just for children! We know many grown adults who would marvel at a shiny new drone, video game, robot, construction set or board game.

Foodie gifts – So long as you’re informed about allergies and preferences, these are failproof! Purchase some nice nibble sets online or in a fancy delicatessen, assemble a retro sweets basket, bag a coupon for dinner in a nice restaurant, or put your apron on and get baking! Satisfy someone’s taste buds and you may just win the gift game.

Getaways, experiences and events – Not all gifts come in a box! Celebrate the years gone by, by giving the gift of discovery, emotions, memories and even knowledge. You’ll find many deals online for weekend getaways, park visits, concerts and shows, photo sessions… Have a look at classes that can be very useful as well (cooking, arts, languages…).

Funky gadgets – these are great for your colleagues that you don’t know so well, as little “extra” gifts on the side of bigger presents or, at Christmas time, for Secret Santa gifts and stocking fillers. Think colourful office supplies, useful kitchen gadgets, cute storage accessories, succulents and candles in nice pots…

The great news is, you can find all these gift ideas online nowadays. For the best offers, find some birthday gift inspiration from Groupon, and keep an eye out for exclusive deals on fashion, toys, getaways and much more: they not only will make amazing gifts, but they can also save you a lot of money. That’s more gifts for yourself – um, I mean, for your loved ones of course.